The Ultra Dex
The Ultra Dex (or urpgdex) originally started off as a secret project of Jack's (PE2K's URPG). Working on the first debut of URPG's very own Pokédex in 2007, which meant that he had to create the entry from scratch for the 386 Pokémon - it was definitely a daunting task. It was created with the intention of making it easier for players to discover what moves their Pokémon could learn and therefore, are able to use.

It has long been a wish of the many URPG members and leaders alike to turn The Ultra Dex into a website, where each Pokémon would have its own page. Under a massive project led and managed by myself, along with several contributing members and a strict QC process, the website was finally made possible. URPGDEX has also gone through many significant design and UI changes from the very first time it has gone live. Take a look at history and you will know what I am talking about!

If you happen to be confused about how some aspects of the site might work, check out the FAQ section.

What is the URPG?
If you have somehow stumbled across this website through whatever possible methods, and you're interested in the URPG, here's what it's about. URPG stands for Pokémon Ultra RPG and it is a multifaceted game based on the Pokémon saga.

The URPG is actually the longest running Pokémon RPG in existence. Boasting a total of five main sections: Battles, Stories, Roleplays, Contests, and the Art Gallery, the URPG has something for everyone! The adventure is thrilling and the community is absolutely fantastic. The Ultra Dex was created to aid battling, like how URPG has its own offline damage calculator as well.

The URPG is currently based on three forums - Bulbagarden, The Petalburg Woods Network, and Pokémon Crossroads. The URPG's original main forum was Pokémon Elite 2000 and it had lasted for an impressive 7 years, before being closed due to inactivity and other reasons. Feel free to check out the amazing community or sign up right away and get your Starter Pokémon!

The Ultra Dex is managed by myself and if you spot any error(s), bugs, or if you feel you have a suggestion for new features, feel free to contact me via any of the following methods! My username on all three forums is Ataro, and you can contact me via any of the three: BMG / PWN / PXR. You can report any errors or bugs on this thread directly as well.

Alternatively, you can also email or IM me at