Q: What's the difference between The Ultra Dex and other PokéDex websites?
A: There are almost no single website that list all of the available moves a Pokémon can learn in a single page. Even the most common websites are usually missing a few generation specific TMs, and especially SMs. Due to the way URPG works (where you can use any move that a Pokémon can ever learn if you purchase it), The Ultra Dex is an useful tool since it lists every move that a Pokémon can learn. It also omits repeated moves.
Q: What are repeated moves?
A: Repeated moves refer to moves that a Pokémon can learn through a precedent method. For example, if Bulbasaur already learns Double-Edge through Level-Up, subsequent mentions of Double-Edge in the Technical Machine and Move Tutor list would be referred as repeated moves. Omitting repeated moves helps a player immensely when deciding what moves to purchase and prevents clotting up the page.
Q: What if a player chooses not to evolve his NFE (like Murkrow)? Would The Ultra Dex then remove mention of Murkrow learning TM Dark Pulse since Murkrow's evolved form - Honchkrow learns it by Level-Up?
A: Such NFEs are regarded as 'permas' or 'perma-basics' in URPG. The Ultra Dex supports NFEs by listing the aforementioned 'repeated moves' separately in smaller italicized font. That way, you won't miss out on any move that your NFE can learn even when choosing not to evolve your Pokémon.
Q: What is the method precedence of the moves a Pokémon can learn?
A: In accordance with URPG rules, any BM/MT/SM that is available through TM is considered illegal to purchase. The following priority describes the precedence of the different methods.
  1. Level Up Moves
  2. Technical Machines
  3. Hidden Machines
  4. Breeding Moves
  5. Move Tutors
  6. Special (Event) Moves
Q: What moves can I use with my new Pokémon in URPG?
A: Although you get access to any move that a Pokémon is able to learn, you will need to purchase them in URPG's PokéMart before you can use it. Otherwise, your new Pokémon will only have access to its Level-Up Moves. The same applies to Hidden Abilities; you only have access to it once you unlock it at The PokéMart.